"One of a kind Hebrew language curricular texts which are truly remarkable."

~ Dr. Doran Katz, Professor at The Hebrew School at Middlebury College

Granite Ivrit is an exciting and innovative new Hebrew program for schools based on the Proficiency approach, the Communicative Language Teaching approach, and the ACTFL benchmarks. The program is offered to students who acquired the skills of reading and writing, and are in Novice to Intermediate levels. Granite Ivrit focuses on the three modes of communication while providing students with the opportunity to learn the language through different modalities as well as meaningful and hands-on activities, making the learning fun and relevant.

The new Granite Ivrit Hebrew program for schools was created and developed by Ketty Granite. Ketty is an educator, speaker, and trainer, with vast experience in the field of teaching Hebrew as a second language in both the Israeli and the international education systems. She has Master’s degree in Educational Management from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and a second Master’s degree in Teaching Hebrew as a Second Language and Israeli Culture from Middlebury College, currently a student and candidate in the Doctor of Modern Languages (DML) degree program at Middlebury College, teacher’s certificate from the Israeli Ministry of Education and a certificate for teaching Hebrew as a second language from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

The curriculum consists of 19 workbooks in six different themes: Family, the Seasons, Home, Animals, Hobbies, and Games.

Each theme is divided into three different workbooks that allow continuum learning. For example, under the subject of 'My Family', in the first booklet students can learn about the immediate family. In the second booklet, they will focus on different families' characteristics, the Hebrew calendar and its connection to the subject of family. In the third booklet, they will learn about the extended family and the relationship between different members.

You are welcome to select the themes and workbooks you would like to teach and your students would enjoy!

You can combine different workbooks from other themes, i.e.: ‘My Family 1' and ‘Israel in the Four Seasons 2’.

For your convenience, here is the list of workbooks, themes and their levels:

'Shalom': Nice to meet you - Novie level $18.99 USD

‘My Family 1': Immediate family - Novice level  $13.99 USD

‘My Family 2': Special families and the Hebrew calendar- Novice level  $13.99 USD

‘My Family 3': Extended family - Novice level  $13.99 USD

‘Israel in the Four Seasons 1’: Israel in the four seasons - Novice level  $13.99 USD

'Israel in the Four Seasons 2’: Winter and Summer - Novice level  $13.99 USD

‘Israel in the Four Seasons 3’: Fall and Spring - Novice level  $13.99 USD

‘Home 1’: My home - Novice level  $13.99 USD

‘Home 2’: Neighborhoods - Intermediate level  $13.99 USD

‘Home 3’: Houses in the world - Intermediate level  $13.99 USD

‘Animals 1’: Animals and characteristics – Novice to Intermediate level  $13.99 USD

‘Animals 2’: Pets – Novice to Intermediate level  $13.99 USD

'‘Animals 3’: The zoo and special projects - Intermediate level $13.99 USD  

‘Hobbies 1’: Hobbies and after school activities - Novice to Intermediate level  $13.99 USD 

‘Hobbies 2’: Youth movement - Intermediate level  $13.99 USD

‘Hobbies 3’: Questions about hobbies - Intermediate level $13.99 USD 

‘Games 1’: Games as exhibits in art and history - Intermediate level  $13.99 USD 

‘Games 2’: Rules and inventions - Intermediate level  $13.99 USD

‘Games 3’: Israeli games – Intermediate level  $13.99 USD

* A minimum of 10 workbooks from the same unit is required to make an order.

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Granite Ivrit is proud to offer our program books in a digital format. The digital books include interactive activities and audio. The digital version of the books can be purchased for students and teachers alike.

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Granite Ivrit is an exciting and innovative Hebrew curriculum offered to students in grades 3-8 who have already acquired reading and writing skills, and are at the Novice to Intermediate levels.

The curriculum consists of engaging student workbooks organized around a variety of interactive themes, all emphasizing the Proficiency and Communicative Language Teaching approaches, as well as the ACTFL benchmarks.  

Yes! Granite Ivrit focuses on the three modes of communication while providing students with the opportunity to learn Hebrew through different modalities as well as meaningful and hands-on levelled activities, making learning fun and relevant!

Yes! The curriculum books include a variety of assessment tools, such as success criteria, checklists, self-reflection tools, and more.

At Granite Ivrit we pride ourselves for the use of authentic materials and texts in all of our workbooks, including Israeli art, musical texts, newspaper clippings, exclusive interviews and many more, all relevant to student life!

Yes! Teachers using the Granite Ivrit curriculum are eligible for online guidance with a mentor at no additional cost.

Yes! The Granite Ivrit curriculum promotes independent thinking and group work through a variety of individual and collaborative projects. It emphasizes life-skills and allows for the development of higher thinking strategies.

Yes! Granite Ivrit offers the books in a digital format with embeded audio files and interactive activites.
Yes! Granite Ivrit offers a variety of options to purchase the printed and/or digital books.
Contact us today and I would be happy to schedule a zoom meeting or phone call with you, where I can introduce the program in more depth!