The curriculum consists of 20 workbooks in different themes: Me, Friends, Family, the Seasons, Home, Animals, Hobbies, and Games. Each theme is divided into three different workbooks that allow continuum learning. For example, under the subject of 'My Family', in the first booklet students can learn about the immediate family. In the second booklet, they will focus on different families' characteristics, the Hebrew calendar and its connection to the subject of family. In the third booklet, they will learn about the extended family and the relationship between different members.

You are welcome to select the themes and workbooks you would like to teach and your students would enjoy!

You can combine different workbooks from other themes, i.e.: ‘My Family 1' and ‘Israel in the Four Seasons 2’.

For your convenience, here is the list of workbooks, themes and their levels:

'Shalom 1': Nice to meet you, My family and My classroom - Novice level $23.95 USD

'Shalom 2': My friends , My hobbies and My cloths - Novice level $23.95 USD

Shalom 1 flashcards: $52.00 USD

Shalom 2 flashcards: $52.00 USD

‘My Family 1': Immediate family - Novice level  $17.50 USD

‘My Family 2': Special families and the Hebrew calendar- Novice level  $17.50 USD

‘My Family 3': Extended family - Novice level  $15.90 USD

‘Israel in the Four Seasons 1’: Israel in the four seasons - Novice level  $15.90 USD

'Israel in the Four Seasons 2’: Winter and Summer - Novice level  $17.50 USD

‘Israel in the Four Seasons 3’: Fall and Spring - Novice level  $15.90 USD

‘Home 1’: My home - Novice level  $17.50 USD

‘Home 2’: Neighborhoods - Intermediate level  $17.50 USD

‘Home 3’: Houses in the world - Intermediate level  $15.90 USD

‘Animals 1’: Animals and characteristics – Novice to Intermediate level  $17.50 USD

‘Animals 2’: Pets – Novice to Intermediate level  $17.50 USD

'‘Animals 3’: The zoo and special projects - Intermediate level $17.50 USD  

‘Hobbies 1’: Hobbies and after school activities - Novice to Intermediate level  $17.50 USD 

‘Hobbies 2’: Youth movement - Intermediate level  $15.90 USD

‘Hobbies 3’: Questions about hobbies - Intermediate level $15.90 USD 

‘Games 1’: Games as exhibits in art and history - Intermediate level  $17.50 USD 

‘Games 2’: Rules and inventions - Intermediate level  $17.50 USD

‘Games 3’: Israeli games – Intermediate level  $17.50 USD

* A minimum of 10 workbooks from the same unit is required to make an order.

** To place an order please contact: