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Investing in Your Teachers Means Investing in Your Students

We offer:
Academic & Pedagogical Consultation
Hebrew Curriculum for Grades 2-8
Instructional Coaching for teachers, department head and administrators
Professional Development 
Here are some examples you can consider:

  • Teaching Hebrew as a second language within the Proficiency Approach and ACTFL proficiency guidelines framework – from theory to practice.
  • From input to output - how to plan a good lesson?
  • Learner autonomy in the second language classroom - What, Why and How?
  • Let’s talk: How to promote oral communication skills among second language learners? 
  • Let’s read: How to promote accuracy, fluency and understanding of reading skills among second language learners? Practical 
  • Let’s listen: How to promote listening skills among second language learning? 
  • Let’s write: How to promote writing skills among second language learning? 
  • Let’s be practical: sharing best practices when we teach SLA.
  • Assessment and evaluation tools - Why? When? Who? What? How?
  • Why and how to teach culture and authentic materials and tasks when teaching a second language? From theory to practice.
  • Differentiate teaching in the Second language classroom.
  • Using Israeli art to enrich the learning opportunities.
  • Special workshops can be tailored to your needs. 
To learn more, contact us today to plan your Hebrew curriculum, next PD or coaching sessions!